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Thin Film Optical Coatings

From a few to many layers, 10 angstroms to ½ micron, our Thin Film Coatings Department has the capacity to produce standard or custom, low or high power coatings on all surfaces at any wavelength from UV through infrared! 

Our success in coatings is due to our long-time technical expertise in a variety of processes: electron beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, ion-beam sputtering and magnetron sputtering.

Clients request coatings for many purposes --- application to the outside diameter of a lens; repairing damage to a high powered laser; anti reflective coating applications; or producing a coating to withstand high powered impact.  

Coating  test equipment includes two spectrophotometers for UV-VIS and Infrared  wavelength reflectivity and/or transmission measurements.  Abrasion and hardness tests are performed to certify compliance with military standards.

Ignacio Ruvalcaba, Manager of Coatings, has vast experience producing precision optical coatings.  With his depth and breadth of experience, combined with our advanced technology, we have the capacity to certify compliance to the strictest military standards and more.  However challenging your coating requirements may be, trust Ignacio and our team to devise the right coating for your application.


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