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Complete Optical Manufacturing Facility

For more than 40 years, Pacific Coast Optics has provided complete manufacturing services for the optical industry. From the raw material stage through all phases of manufacturing including optical coating, assembly, and testing of the final optical system, our production has provided exacting tolerances and top quality.

Customers save time, money and resources with PC Optics' in-house, fully equipped manufacturing facility. A large inventory of specially designed tools and machines, a large selection of test plates, extensive inventory of raw materials, light measurements, gauges to accurately control radius, and a knowledgeable team of engineers and opticians will transform your specifications into a finished lense with exacting specifications.


Superior Design, Testing, and Production

Our new, modern 13,000 sq. ft. Northern California optical, engineering, and manufacturing facility is capable of producing prototype lenses, as well as volume quantities, all under one roof. Our processes feature:

  • Grinding House - where CNC shaping, generating, grinding, and edging operations are performed.
  • Polishing – where our various machines produce surface configurations true to 1/20th of a wave.
  • Coatings - where we design and optimize and create coatings to meet your exacting requirements.

Specifications include:

  • Polishing  to Test Plate and Laser accuracy, and beyond
  • Multiple blocked cylindrical elements can be produced in quantities of several thousand
  • Hybrid lens forms containing varying spherical and cylindrical surfaces
  • Modern automatic high speed slurry polishers that can handle lenses up to 609 mm in diameter

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