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Our experience ranges from high resolution imaging lenses, laser scanner lenses, laser diode collimators, head up display optics, and micro optics, to systems for optical reading and writing.

  • Optical simulator system for training pilots
  • Optics and subassemblies for side looking radar optical correlation
  • An F/5 lens on Apollo 17 for recording radar sounding data from depths of over two kilometers below the lunar crust
  • Special effects anamorphic  zoom lenses for the “Star Wars”, “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Revenge of the Jedi™” films
  • Dual mode telescopes for airborne target acquisitions and fire control systems
  • High resolution relay lens for computer-based automatic finger print identification system used by a law enforcement agency of the US government
  • Mask projector optics for high resolution printing on silicon wafers
  • 8” diameter apochromat for the Photographic Zenith Tube of the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. The lens is used for a very precise time and latitude observation of stars


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