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From single to multi-component assemblies, our engineers develop the fastest and most efficient ways to assemble and test your design. Whether it is bonding simple beamsplitter cubes or manufacturing complex custom or build-to-print assemblies from ultraviolet through far infrared, we meet every challenge.
Our in-house ability to “do it all” – designing fixtures, testing optical alignment, or developing proprietary assembly techniques– allows PC Optics to react rapidly and effectively to the design and production demands of even the most difficult assemblies.

System tolerances are maintained during assembly on a precision air bearing spindle by measurement of optical deviation with laser and autocollimator, and mechanical centering with electronic indicators.  Element spacing is set by lapping spacers and measurement of vertex locations.

Our custom assembly experience includes a wide range of applications such as night vision systems, FLIR, medical and laser surgical instruments, industrial lasers for marking, cutting and welding, optical information storage systems, imaging systems for satellites, cameras, telescopes, and microscopes, laser imaging systems, and laser range-finding and target designator systems for the military.

Please click here for more information on our Optical Assembly and Subassembly capability.


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